Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Night To Remember!

In order for you, the reader to understand the title of this blog post, some background information is needed.

Back in November of last year I started a friendship via Facebook with a wonderful woman by the name of Jessica whom is now a dear friend of mine. Through her I met another wonderful woman; Julie. Since March, she has been visiting me on a weekly basis. We have become great friends during the five months we have known each other.

She just finished being trained to take me out, which involves knowing how to suction, ambu and the operation of my ventilator. Normally, it's a simple process, but the respiratory therapists forgot to document what they taught Julie or they documented it wrong, so they had to go over everything about three times. Although it was frustrating, it was worth it in the end.

Jessica had made plans to visit me from New York a while back and we decided that we would take in a Red Sox game.

Well, that game was last night and it was a blast despite some minor problems. It was a very exciting game that the Red Sox won 3-1 and featured a bench-clearing scuffle between both teams. Although I was a bit nervous being out with Julie for the first time, I really enjoyed being out of the hospital with friends instead of family or a respiratory therapist. It truly was a night to remember! I'm looking forward to my next outing with Julie.