Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Matters

I always thought family was the most important thing in a person's life. Whether it be immediate family or not. I've found out that for some people, that's simply not the case. My cousin Ben from my mother's side of the family comes to mind here. You so, he lives a mere 10 minutes away from the hospital I live in, yet he can never make the time to come and visit. If it wasn't for my family cookout and family Christmas party, I would never see him.

Yes, I certainly realize that his wife and 2 healthy daughters as well as his auto detailing and online business come first and I would NEVER ask to be put before any of it. However, is it really that difficult to put aside a little time to visit me? I would be happy and grateful if it was just a 5 minute visit. Sadly, that's apparently too much effort on his part. His excuse is that he's too busy with his kids and if he were to visit, he would need to bring them and after about 20 minutes they would get bored and want to leave.

This is a problem why? Is 20 minutes somehow not considered a visit? I'm sorry, but his excuse is in a word LAME.

Recently, he promised me that I would see more of him. Guess what? The last time I saw him was at our family Christmas party on December 17th. I knew he was just talking out of his ass when he made that promise. I certainly don't hate him in ANY sense of the word, but I sure as hell resent him.

I can't exactly say I'm very happy with my other cousins either. I know they are busy with their kids and careers too, but in my opinion it's just inexcusable that they can't make a little time for me either. It's pretty sad.

If there were awards given out to family members that make an effort to visit me, they would without a doubt go to my uncles David and Kevin. I see my uncle David once a week and sometimes once ever other week for an hour or two depending on his work. My uncle Kevin I don't see very often, but he more than makes up for by taking me out to concerts and what not, which is a good deal of work.

Here's something that I find astounding. People who don't even know me make more of an effort to visit me than my cousins. Case in point. Freddie Vindales the bassist from the heavy metal band Iced Earth drove 2 hours from New Hampshire to visit with me in November of 2010. And in August of 2011, Matt Barlow the former vocalist from Iced Earth and his wife planned the late celebration of their anniversary around visiting me and they didn't even know me!

I guess it's the same with every family. There are some you can rely on and others you can't. As they say, "What goes around, comes around". And no, I don't wish bad fortune on my cousins. One day they will rely on someone for something and they be let down. Then they will know how it feels to be in my situation.